Trophy Waters

Exciting Development in the History of Fisheries

The establishment of the Trophy Waters area is an exciting development in the history of fisheries management in Northwestern Ontario. For perhaps the first time ever, visitors, businesses and local residents can look forward to a future where the fishery will be every bit as good – or better – than it is now. And it’s great now!

The concept of a Trophy Waters area came from a genuine desire to maintain and improve fantastic, but fragile fisheries, in a remote part of Northwestern Ontario. A decline in the quality of the fishing experience was simply not an option, or was stocking or other means of artificial propagation. The goal was to provide a quality angling experience in a wilderness setting by managing wild, self-sustaining, natural fish communities.

The creation of the Trophy Waters is a testimony to the successful achievement of the above goal and was possible for two main reasons. Firstly, there was a strong desire by all interested parties to collectively work together for the future of the fishery. Secondly, and just as important, the area was still remote and pristine and the angling as superb as the scenery. From opportunity, desire and cooperation, Trophy Waters was born.

In the Trophy Waters, fish can still be caught, kept and eaten, but the emphasis is no longer on a full and heavy creel. In the cold and relatively unproductive waters of the north, where fish live a long life but grow slowly, all parties recognized a high harvests rate just cannot be maintained. But by ensuring minimal harvest levels on lakes with superb fisheries, it’s possible to keep great fishing great forever. Catch limits and size limits were put in place – not to rebuild stressed fisheries – but to keep and even improve the great angling still available today. That’s the simple concept behind Trophy Waters.

We welcome you to come and enjoy the Trophy Waters experience. A place you will feel you can call your own. A place where catch-and-release and selective harvest will feel natural. Best of all, it’s a place where you can expect to catch lots and lots of fish, including the big ones! Some days you will catch more and bigger walleyes, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and lake trout than you will believe is possible. When you leave, you’ll know you can return and the fishing you’ve never stopped dreaming about will still be there. No more worries about having to reminisue on how it used to be.

Come and experience the fishery of the Trophy Waters. Once you do, you’ll want to return again and again, so will your children, your grandchildren and you great grandchildren.

Wes Burch

Outdoor Writer, Biologis